lnstructions to all CGHS Wellness Centres and Units to follow CGHS guidelines issued from time to time- dated 15-December-2022

 Salient features :

1 Doctor will have to mark attendance through biometrics.
2. Can’t deny medicine for up to three months for chronic diseases. Even if six months of the prescription expires, they are under obligation to issue medicines beyond six months for chronic ailments.
3. Will have to check BP, throat, temperature, etc. if needed. Also will dispense injections if the nursing staff is not there.
4. To maintain proper inventory of the medicines etc.
5. Will provide medication beyond 2 pm in cases where it is needed.
6. Self-printed CGHS card to be honored.

Administrative Matters & CGHS functioning
Source https://cghsbng.gov.in/circulars.html

Area Coverage of Wellness Centres